Stylized Living Room Furniture

3D Furniture Props (Stylised, Sofa, Pillows, Books, TV, Stand)

Bring stylish and modern decor to your games with this complete living room furniture asset pack for Unreal Engine and Unity. It includes all the key furnishings like a 3D sofa, coffee table, books, TV, and more. Customize the color on the sofa, chest, lampshade, and pillows. Perfect for creating realistic 3D environments. This ready-to-use pack has everything you need to design a beautiful living room scene.

Available in Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store!
Unreal Engine Marketplace
Unity Asset Store


  • 3 Sofa
  • 6 Books
  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Coffee Table
  • 1 Frame
  • 1 Glasses
  • 1 Lampshade
  • 2 Pillows
  • 1 Shelving
  • 1 Stand
  • 1 TV

Extra Material: 1 Floor Material

All models are complete on every side so, you can flip them, rotate them, and do anything you want. There are no missing faces/polygons on the bottom.

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